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Basic Ayurveda Course

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Basic Ayurveda Course

(Only for Foreign nationals)

(Four Weeks)

•40 hours theory

•80 hours practical

•Basic Education

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A.Theory(40 hours) :

1.Introduction to Ayurveda

– Definition

– Aim

– Goal of Human Life

2.History of Ayurveda (Basic)

3.Specialities of Ayurveda

4.Basic Principles of Ayurveda

– Concept of Panchmahabhuta

– Concept of Tridosha

– Concept of Triguna

– Concept of Panchgyanendriya and Panch karmenndriya

– Concept of Mind and Soul

– Concept of Mansik Dosha

– Concept of Dhatus and Ojas

– Concept of Updhatus

– Concept of Malas

– Concept of Kostha

– Concept of Agni and Aam

– Concept of Health and Disease

– Concept of Prakruti


Basic description about Panchkarma, Abhyanga,  Siddha Massage, Types of Sweda: Pottali and Steam, Shirodhara, HearDhara, Spinal Dhara, Knee Dhara, Shoulder Dhara, Kati Dhara, Bladder/Kidney Dhara, Netra Basti, Shiro Basti, Takra Dhara, Raktamokshan, Nasya, Basti and it’s types in general

6.Pulse Reading : Basic theory Knowledge

7.Marma Therapies: Basic theory Knowledge

8.Herbology : 25 common herbs description with Rasa,Guna,Veerya,Vipaka etc

9.Ayurvedic Diet Guideline as per Tridoshas.

B.Practical: (80 hours)

1.Prakruti analysis : Daily 10  persons assessment

2.Pulse reading : Daily 20-25 persons assessment

3.Panchkarma Therapies

– Panchkarma Therapies ingredients and their mode of preparations  for treatment mentioned in theory..

4.Marma practical Sessions : Basic Marma

5.Herbal Garden Visit (2 day Visit)

6.Cooking classes : For basic Ayurvedic food like Khichri,Moong soup,Vegetable soup,Energy Drink,Ghee preparation etc.


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