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Concept of Dhatus in Ayurved

Ayurveda explains that Dhatus are the structures which supports and helps in proper functioning of the body.They are produced after one after the other during the process of digestion of food in chronological order.


They are seven in number:

  • Rasa – Plasma – Nourishment
  • Rakta – Blood – Circulation
  • Mamsa – Muscle – Movement
  • Medha – Fat – Lubrication
  • Asthi – Bone – Support
  • Majja – Bone marrow – Generation of blood cells
  • Shukra – Sexual hormones – Reproduction and psychological health.


The Ayurvedic definition of health is that state in which the structure and function of a particular individual is operating optimally and the individual is in a state of physical, mental, and spiritual well being.

A person is said to be healthy if

  • All three doshas are in equilibrium with regards to the his prakriti.
  • All seven dhatus(bodily tissues) are in the proper state of strength and integrity
  • The (Agni)digestive fires is balanced resulting in proper appetite, digestion, and assimilation of food.
  • The Malas (waste materials) are being produced and eliminated in a proper manner.
  • The Indriyas(sense organs) are functioning normally and the mind is undisturbed
  • The individual is experiencing happiness and contentment

Vyadhi(Disease) -A state of imbalance  of the doshas, dhatus, agnis, and malas is known as vyadhi.


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