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Concept of Panchamahabhootas

Ayurveda  believes that every thing  in this universe is made up of five basic elements  in different proportions


Akash(Ether),Vayu(Air),Agni(Fire),Prithvi(Earth)and Jal(Water).Characteristics of these elements are

  • Space (Ether) – Present in hollow cavities within body and empty areas of cosmos and transmits sound.
  • Air – Light, Dry, Subtle, Mobile, Transparent, Rough are the properties of Air. It is responsible for movement, dryness in the body.
  • Fire – It is hot, sharp, intense and light. It emits light and heat.
  • Earth – It is solid, dense, stable, heavy and hard.It constitutes the solid structures in the universe and our body.
  • Water – It is moist,sticky,cool,soft and oily .


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