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Concept of Prakruti

Ayurveda defines every individual as a different entity and attribute certain characteristic features which are predominantly seen in him as per his constitution.Prakruti of an individual is decided at the time of conception itself and remains intact throughout the life although you can see slight variations due to influence of several factors like time,food,seasons etc.


Prakruti of an individual is based upon the three Doshas of the Body viz are Vata,Pitta and Kapha.

Some characteristic features of different Prakrutis are:


  1. Thin body frame
  2. Skin is dry, rough, dark complexion, cracked
  3. Hairs are dry and splitting
  4. Quick performance of activities
  5. Variable and/or poor appetite.
  6. Physical working capacity less, resistance to disease usually poor
  7. Prefers warm or hot food and climate.
  8. Scanty perspiration, variable thirst
  9. Tendency for constipation
  10. Light sleep with many dreams
  11. Prone to anxiety, worry and depression, unpredictable nature



  1. Medium body frame
  2. Skin is delicate, reddish complexion, warm to touch
  3. Good/excessive appetite
  4. Feels warm/hot sensation
  5. Prefers cold food and climate, intolerance to hot food and climate
  6. Tendency for loose motion
  7. Excessive thirst and perspiration
  8. Bright eyes, reddish sclera, yellow iris, sharp penetrating vision
  9. Hair soft, premature graying, baldness
  10. Intelligent, sharp memory, hot tempered, brave, jealous, aggressive, commanding nature



  1. Large and broad body frame
  2. Skin is thick, soft, smooth, firm, glossy, fair complexion
  3. Good stamina but slow in physical activities
  4. Deep and pleasant voice
  5. Moderate appetite
  6. Moderate perspiration, low thirst
  7. Deep and sound sleep
  8. Large eyes, calm, stable with whitish sclera
  9. Hair thick, oily, wavy dark coloured
  10. Calm, cool, joyful, polite good nature



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