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Depression / Anxiety / Insomnia


In today’s fast and competitive world where everyone is running a race to succeed in terms of wealth and position, they often don’t realize that they have lost their mental peace and stability.They are so much engaged in their quest for achieving wealth that they don’t bother about their sleep, they forget that mind needs some relaxation too and the consequence is that they end up having stress, anxiety and depression like ailments which take a toll on their personal and social life. Further to add to their problems they get accustomed to taking sleeping pills, anti depression medicines which further keep deteriorating their mental health.People become intellectually weak, their decision making capacity is reduced and they loose interest in any activities.

Ayurveda has explained various causes and pathology of these problems and has beautifully described various therapies to come out of such problems completely.


Manaso-SDRM Therapy

Manaso-SDRM Therapy  helps you in a following way
Arogyaved’s unique Manaso-SDRM therapy for such problems not only brings faster results but also provides a complete relief from them naturally
  • Step 1 : It clears up the channels of mind thereby allowing proper flow of Prana in the body and mind.
  • Step 2 : Balances the aggravated Mansik doshas i.e Rajas and Tamas and also normalises the bodily doshas.
  • Step 3 : Improves Focus and concentration and relaxes mind and body.


Benefits of Manaso-SDRM Therapy :

  1.  Reduces stress,anxiety and depression and improves the intellectual capacity of a person.
  2.  Provides a feeling of ease and stabilizes mind and thoughts.
  3.  Very Helpful in Mental disorders.


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