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Marma Therapy


Marma therapy is an ancient Ayurveda techique of removing physical,mental and emotional blocks of our body through various subtle points in our body.Ayurveda has identified around 108 such points which when activated properly can help in balanced body,mind and emotions and thereby can help in achieving holistic health.It balances the vitiated Vata Dosha which is the main cause for many physical and mental ailments.
Benefits of Arogyaved Marma therapy :
1. Very helpful in painful conditions like Frozen shoulder,Knee pain,Back pain,Sciatica,Spondylosis etc.
2. Works very well in cases of Stress,Anxiety,Low Memory,Low Focus and other mental problems.
3. Balances the body,mind and emotions of our body.
4. Very helpful in children’s physical and mental growth.



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