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Almost every MACHINE requires servicing!

      Then why not HUMAN BODY ????

Believe it or not,Our BODY is made up of very complex system similar to MACHINES and hence cleansing and servicing it  at regular interval becomes must, in order to avoid any health related problems and also to live healthy and happy.

We at Arogyaved believe that every individual is different and so is his body and hence every body requires different approach to clean his/her system of unwanted deep seated toxins which are so powerful that they can cause severe and chronic health challenges like Diabetes, High cholesterol,Blood pressure,Heart problems etc if not thrown out at regular intervals.Arogyaved’s  individual and one to one approach makes this easy and helps you in getting the maximum benefits.

With Arogyaved’s various comprehensive detox packages to select from,you can easily DETOX your body without disturbing  your normal working schedule.

Benefits of Panchkarma/Detox:

  • Healthy and Glowing Skin
  • Anti ageing
  • Improves Vigour,Vitality and Stamina
  • Improves Metabolism-Reduces Weight
  • Boosts Immune Power
  • Helps in various chronic health challenges like Diabetes,Obesity,Skin disorders,Infertility,Arthritis etc


A.Stress Free Package :

This package is specially designed keeping in mind our busy and stressful lifestyle.It help in relaxing you body,mind and senses instantly and in a short span of time.This is the best solution for people who have busy and hectic working schedule.

Time duration :

1 Day : 2 hours approximately


B.Arogyam Detox :

Arogyam detox is a basic cleansing process which involves removal of intestinal mucus and various bodily toxins which are situated deep inside the body. It is the quickest and fastest method of detoxification among all various other cleansing methods. Hence it is suitable to people who wants to do quicker detox in shorter time.

Time duration :

Daily 45 minutes for approximately 15 days


C.Sanjeevni detox : 

Sanjeevni detox involves cleansing as well as rejuvenation of various bodily tissues.It consists of various processes similar to health detox and in addition has different enema therapies which helps in rejuvenating and nourishing different bodily tissues. Thereby making the body healthy, rejuvenated and disease-free.

Time duration:

Daily 45 minutes for approximately 25 days.


D.Sampoorna Detox :

Sampoorna Detox consists of removal of bodily toxins, rejuvenation of various bodily tissues and balancing of satva,rajas and tamas-the mind doshas. It involves deeper cleansing of body and mind through various special marma techniques. This detox is best for achieving mental peace and positive energy in our life.

Time duration:

Daily 45 minutes for approximately 35-40 days




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