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Pulse Reading

Nadi Parikshan(Pulse reading) is an ancient Ayurveda technique of understanding physical,mental and emotional well-being of an individual through pulse.

It is like playing Veena,a musical instrument similar to Violin.On striking,each string produces a different music.Similarly an expert pulse reader by touching,pressing and feeling the different combination of pulse is able to diagnose the imbalance within a persons body.


How its done?

A pulse reader touches your hand gently with his three fingers index,middle and ring and applies pressure at different intervals and slowly tries to identify the various combinations of pulse to figure out the actual problem lying deep inside your body.He aligns himself in a way such that he actually goes so deeper that at a point he can actually read ones emotions also and thereby understands ones problem perfectly.

What are the benefits?

1.Helps in understanding the physical,mental and emotional well-being of an individual.
2.Can help diagnose various health ailments before they manifest in the body,hence can help in prevention of disease.
3.Deep pulse reading can help in understanding the cause and pathology of a disease and thereby help a physician in planning treatment perfectly.


At Arogyaved our doctors are  highly experienced  and well versed in the art of pulse reading and can help you to diagnose your underlying problem perfectly and thereby help you in getting rid of your them permanently.


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