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Due to today’s fast paced life,unhealthy and untimely food,Stress,Long working hours,polluted environment our body gets piled up with various toxins which enters our blood channels and thereby reaches the Skin and then they produce various types of chronic and dreaded Skin  problems like Psoriasis,Eczema,,Grey Hairs,Hair fall etc.This is also one of the cause for early ageing too.Later the Skin becomes Dry and dull.

Ayurveda mentions that these Skin problems are caused due to Aam(metabolic toxins) and Pitta which creates imbalance in the nourishing and cleansing mechanism of Skin.


Skino-SDRM Therapy

Skino-SDRM Therapy helps you in a following way

With Arogyaveds Skino-SDRM Therapy one can get rid of these problems from the root and get back natural and glowing skin.

  • Step 1 : It improves the Agni(metabolism) and helps in cleansing the piled up toxins in the body and skin,also it clears up  the blockages from the Skin channels.
  • Step 2 : Reduces the aggregated Pitta Dosha and brings normalcy to other aggregated doshas too
  • Step 3 : Reduces swelling and Inflammation from the Muscle,Skin and corrects the disturbed Immune system.
  • Step 4 : Rejuvenates the Skin and Hairs and makes them look glowing and lustrous.   


Benefits of Skino-SDRM Therapy :

  1. Reduces itching,pain and redness from the skin
  2.  Reduces Acne,Pimples and brings back normal tome and colour of the Skin.
  3.  Reduces Hairfal,Grey Hairs and thinning of hairs
  4.  Works as anti ageing to the Skin and provides natural glow.
  5.  Helpful in chronic ailments like Psoriasis, Eczema,Urticaria etc


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