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Dear Esteemed clients,

We’re delighted that you’re considering us for your health needs and we are very positive that you will get benefited by our services.We would like to share some good news with you which will definitely make you feel more happy and proud too.

We at Arogyaved  understand  very well that it’s our responsibility to help the society and the needy who cannot afford a proper meal,housing,education and medical care.Our efforts is continuous to help these people with whatever we can and for this our volunteers are engaged in identifying such people and with every rupee you spend with us, a part of it is utilised for

1.Sponsoring EDUCATION to a needy child.

2.Sponsoring FREE MEDICINES to sick and needy .

3.Organising FREE HEALTH CHECK UP CAMPS In rural and remote areas of our country.

We thank you very much from the bottom of our heart for helping us in doing such a great work for the society,although it’s a very small thing from us but we feel happy with this.


With love,

Arogyaved Family


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